Odstock, Nunton and Bodenham 
Women's Institute
We meet at the Radnor Hall, Bodenham at 10.00am.
New members and visitors welcome.
(The WI Gardening Group talks listed in green below start at 2.00pm in the
Radnor Hall, Bodenham.  They are open to all members of the community,
and the cost of entry is £3.00 per person

   Talk/Event/Gardening Group  Speaker
12th September    '9 to 5' No Thank You Micky Fitzpatrick
10th October  Autumn Lunch

Gloria Henderson
31st October  5th Monday Meeting  
14th November  'Christmas is a Coming, Oh Yes it is' Caroline Franklin
12th December  Christmas Meeting
 Mince Pies and Mulled Wine
9th January  'Bless this Child' Val Proctor
30th January 5th Monday Meeting
Handmade  Chocolates
2nd February "Glorious Gardens of France" Rosemary
Le Grand
13th February  'Nature's Magical Moments' John Coombes
2nd March "Growing Sweet Peas" Jim and Mary MacDonald
13th March  AGM  
6th April "More Topical Tips and New Ideas" Ray Broughton
10th April  'Anything Goes - Edwardian Elegance to the Roaring 20s' Patricia Godwin
8th May  Resolutions Meeting  
1st June "Building a Border" Dinah Lyndon-Critchley
12th June  Summer Meeting  (to be arranged)  
10th July 'Ferrets for Fun' Gordon Lewis
12th July  Summer Outing  
31st July  5th Monday Meeting  
5th October "Ground Cover" Geoff Hawkins
2nd November "Why did it die?" Neil Lovesey

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